Know Crime
Crime Alerts
Sign up to the University “Safety Awarness” listhost to receive regular email updates on crime in the immediate vicinity of the University here.
Sign up with the City of Chicago to receive email updates about crime and policing in your area here.
Crime Statistics
The South East Chicago Commission monitors crime in Hyde Park-Kenwood and analyzes these data in an annual report, which can be found here.
The Chicago Police Department’s online Citizen ICAM provides Chicagoans with detailed information on crime in any area of the city.  It creates graphs, charts and maps that identify the location, type and frequency of various reported criminal acts over the last 90 days in 14-day increments.
The Chicago Police Department publishes city-wide, year-to-date crime statistics on its website.  The Department also ranks individual police districts according to percentage change in crime rates for each year.  Last, it creates detailed annual reports that provide detailed statistical summaries of crime in the preceding year.
Interested individuals can also request specific statistical data from the Chicago Police Department by following the procedures outline here.
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