The city is brimming with community organizations seeking to slow or reverse the pace of gentrification in the city's neighborhoods. Within the University community itself, student groups like the Southside Solidarity Network (SSN) and the Student-Tenant Organizing Project (STOP) organize around housing issues.
Woodlawn East Community and Neighborhoods, Inc. (WECAN) is a community organization in Woodlawn that campagins for affordable housing and job opportunities for neighborhood.
The New Communities Program (NCP) is a five-year initiative of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation/Chicago.  Funded by the MacArthur Foundation, NCP seeks to rejuvenate challenged communities in the face of gentrification by empowering local neighborhood agencies.  NCP is active in 16 neighborhoods around the city, including Washington Park and Woodlawn, where NPC has partnered with the Woodlawn Preservation and Investment Corporation and St. Edmund’s Redevelopment Corporation, respectively.
The Chicago Rehab Network is a 25-year-old organization that works to develop and preserve affordable housing in Chicago.  It maintains good, internet-accessible date on home prices in Chicago on its website.
The Organization of the North East (ONE) is a decades-old community organization in Uptown, Edgewater, and Rogers Park dedicated to building and sustaining a successful socio-economically and racially mixed community.  In 2001, it was named the Community Organization of the Year by the MacArthur Foundation.
The Chicago Coalition for the Homeless organizes and advocates to prevent and end homelessness in Chicago. The Inspiration Corporation assists more than 1,600 homeless, unemployed, underemployed Chicagoans every year at three facilities scattered around the city, including the Living Room Cafe in Woodlawn.
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