3 Stay Informed
Stay Informed
The Chicago Reporter, one of Chicago’s preeminent investigative reporting outfits, has covered recent developments in housing very closely.  It has compiled useful archive of all its recent articles on the subject.  A treasure trove of information.
The Chicago Reader maintains an online archive of articles dealing with the ongoing political crisis associated with rapidly rising property tax assessments.
The Chicago Housing and Community Development website maintains absolutely fantastic and easily-accessible census date concerning Chicago’s neighborhoods.
To get a glimpse at the changing face of public housing in the city, check out the Chicago Housing Authority website on the Plan for Transformation. Approved in 2000, the Plan for Transformation aims to tear down most of the old high-rise projects and replace them with mixed-income public housing developments.
The View From the Ground, a website maintained by the Invisible Institute attempts to report on the on-going effects of the Plan for Transformation from the perspective of the residents of the Stateway Gardens housing project.
The University of Chicago has begun planning a limited expansion south of the midway, between 60th and 61st Streets.  Find out more.
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